Aroute(Pty)Ltd in no way tries to or gathers information in a subversive way from its clients without legally approved permission form their clients and users of their products such as mobile applications or websites unless expressly approved of or instructed by it clients to gather such information.

We also will not and are not involved in or subscribe to illicit trading in personal information as per the international and local privacy laws and regulations and respects the privacy of individuals in their private capacity and environment.

We will not be held liable or be accountable for any private information breachs from or through our applications where a third party is/are included or not in such applications and services. Aroute(Pty)Ltd in no way, form or means collects, stores and uses in its development and publishing information not authorized to gain.

This does not include information already available in the public domain, however we will never perpetuate gossip, smear campaigns and malicious talk via public media such as Facebook, Twitter and the like about an organisation, our clients or individuals.

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